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Arch's Iguana and Marine Park

The Environmental Eco-Friendly Education Program

All local Roatan students and teachers are allowed to enter the gardens free of charge. Teachers are encouraged to use the Garden's to teach students the importance of conservation and introduce "hands on" projects that will allow students to gain a better understanding of how nature works.

Middle School and High School students are given an introduction to native flora and fauna so they can better understand the environment they live in and how to preserve it. Agroforestry techniques are also taught to the students to develop school nurseries and engage students in conservation and propagation projects.

Carambola Gardens also participates in a large Roatan Community Outreach Program. A long term collaborative agreement has been signed with the Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA) which is a local Bay Island non profit environmental organization working since 1990 in protected area management. The Environmental Education and sustainable Development is to further education through field trips for students to learn about the importance and uses of our flora and fauna and promote changes in attitudes. This will lead to our Islands long term protection and hands on activities such as agroforestry techniques in order to promote awareness for reforestation projects and adoption of school nurseries as well as area+s of the Island that need environmental protection.

On an annual basis, plants are donated to schools for school reforestation projects at public selected areas along our streets and main roads. The Gardens also serve as a special location for community meetings and workshops free of charge.

Our ongoing Roatan Recycling Program consists of collecting hundreds of large damaged plastic water jugs donated by Sun Water and then turning them into plant containers for our garden nursery. We also fill them with cement and use them as a support for our garden benches, thus reducing the volume of plastic that goes to our local garbage land fill.